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Ageing is a ubiquitous, intrinsic and ongoing process. Theories of ageing have been debated since the time of the ancient Greeks, & researchers now feel that no one theory exists that explains all aspects of ageing. Instead several theories may be combined to explain various aspects of the complex phenomena we gọi ageing .

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Why bởi vì we grow old? In recent years, scientific research has established some really interesting biological ageing theories. Why we age at the cellular level. This clip looks 12 theories current on the causes of ageing, namely: Genome damage to lớn DNA; Telemere shortening; epigenetic malfunctions; Misfolding of proteins; Cell senescence; Stem cell exhaustion; Glycation; AMPK pathways; Inflammaging; MTOR pathways; Sirtuins (longivity genes). Some of these theories are outlined later.


Categories: Ageing Theories

Ageing may be seen as a sequence of events that occur from conception to lớn death. Categories of ageing theories all seek to lớn explain and explore the many dimensions of ageing.

: Interested with answering fundamental questions with respect to lớn the physiologic processes that occur in all living organisms over time (Hayflick, 1996).Sociologic: Looking at the roles and relationships within which individuals engage in later life.Psychologic: Controlled by biology and sociology; address how a person responds lớn the engagements of their age.

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Biological Theories of Ageing

Biologic theories are concerned with answering questions regarding the physiologic processes that occur in all living organisms as they chronologically age. These age-related changes arise independent of any external or pathologic effects, and the quest is khổng lồ uncover these inciting factors that cause the actual ageing process in organisms.

The Programmed Theories

Programmed Longevity, which considers ageing lớn be the result of a sequential switching on and off of certain genes, with senescence being defined as the time when age-associated deficits are manifested.Damage or Error Theories


Error theory: based on the idea that errors can occur in the transcription of the synthesis of DNA. These errors are perpetuated và eventually lead to systems that vì chưng not function at the optimum level. The organism’s aging và death are attributable to these events (Sonneborn, 1979).The Membrane Theory of Aging: According khổng lồ this theory it is the age-related changes of the cell"s ability khổng lồ transfer chemicals, heat và electrical processes that impair it. As we grow older the cell membrane becomes less lipid (less watery and more solid). This impedes its efficiency lớn conduct normal function & in particular there is a toxic accumulation

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