With a new central government taking over, hopes of reforms benefiting the nation is again getting revived.


Make in India was rolled out last year but it did not result into the number of jobs which manufacturing sector is capable of creating in the country. Instead of the wide belief that all jobs that get created have khổng lồ be done by the government, the latter should play the role of facilitator by easing laws và regulations which removes the regulatory cholesterol from the path of private sector, leaving it khổng lồ grow và generate employment. Hence, it’s imperative to lớn reform labor laws and prioritize the ease of doing business.

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Policy on Ease of Doing Business (EODB)

We need khổng lồ introduce a Universal Enterprise Number (UEN) to lớn replace the 25+ current numbers that enterprises get from multiple government departments. Managing these numbers is an exercise in futility. The UEN will enable various government entities (issuing import licenses, building permits, EPFO, ESI, etc.) khổng lồ render services with a complete picture of the organization. A common number will simplify cumbersome administrative tasks, thus freeing up time of the enterprise lớn focus on building competitive advantage in the marketplace to create better shareholder value.

We need khổng lồ cut through the complexity of regulatory compliance. GST council has been a successful model of centre-state partnership. On similar lines, a council must be formed to lớn focus on a mandate that commits to rationalization, simplification & digitization of the current 60,000 compliance rules, 3,800 filings và 600 changes done every year.

Another critical reform would be khổng lồ address the mammoth size of the government itself. 33 Ministries & over 100 departments should be reduced to a more manageable and optimum number. For example, at least cluster of business & infrastructure departments can be a good beginning. This will cut through the bureaucratic maze and improve the delivery of public services in a faster, transparent manner.

Digital India has been an important priority of the government. The new dispensation can bởi vì well lớn create a futuristic, forward-looking regulatory sandbox or innovation challenge khổng lồ promote the EODB. Ideas are need of the hour. & there is no dearth of talented, interested people available in our country khổng lồ actively participate in such innovative initiatives.

Labor Reforms

Labor reforms are often misunderstood as anti-poor. Usage of công nghệ in improving service delivery can nullify that notion. Though digitization has brought about transparency in the functioning of EPFO & ESIC, much leaves lớn be desired. A right step in the direction of empowering employees lớn have control over their money is lớn allow them another choice over EPFO và ESI monopoly. Two years ago, a decision was announced allowing employee choice to NPS và health insurance as an option to lớn PF & ESI but it is yet lớn be implemented. Despite simplifying & consolidating labor laws, we still have four labor codes. Need of the hour is lớn implement one labor code. In continuation, the new government must show its commitment to transparency, cutting red tape and nipping corruption by declaring a hard deadline of implementing India Stack – Paperless, Presenceless & Cashless.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) is an employer subsidy for PF payments & it has achieved its objectives of driving formalization, is easily verifiable và difficult to fudge. The new government would vày well to extend PMRPY for 3 more years as it encourages wider enrollment of workers & benefits all stakeholders – entrepreneurs as well as workers. Similarly, the new government should also continue tax targeting of formal employment by service enterprises by extending 80JJAA for another 3 years.

Skill Development and Apprentices

Our nation needs a bigger talent pool of Apprentices who get exposure to lớn hone their skills và become employable and readily productive. While the previous governments have worked on skill development, the next one should contemplate forming National Apprenticeship Corporation by merging RDAT (Regional Directorate of Skill Development và Entrepreneurship) & BOAT (Board of Apprenticeship Training). The aim of this unified entity should be to lớn enrol 10 million Apprentices from the current 1 million & help them find employment by setting up National Matching Platform, an exclusive job portal for apprentices. Another step khổng lồ encourage formal enterprises provide apprentices training is to scale up Apprenticeship subsidy for them. It should be a viable opportunity for these profit-oriented business organizations. There are several bright, needy students who are deprived from the exposure of apprenticeship as the Act excludes distance and online education degrees. A progressive step of the new government would be khổng lồ make apprenticeship mode of education agnostic.

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Decentralized Governance

The new central government should be bold enough to lớn decentralize governance. Though the last five years of the NDA government saw some big ticket reforms, its benefits did not reach the common man, for whom nothing changed on the ground. To lớn create employment và touch the lives of common people, more devolution of power needs to happen so that the 31 chief ministers are more impactful. Just one prime minister alone cannot make a large-scale difference lớn such a huge, heterogeneous country as ours. The new government must continue the decentralization of funds, functions and functionaries to state capitals. An example is seeing the smart city program getting scaled up but it eventually got energized with positive intervention of the Mayor or city Municipal Commissioner. Incentivize states to lớn merge current fragmentation, accountability, and resources & then the entire nation will benefit rapidly. Ever since the Indian economy opened up, we have been making strides in our growth aspirations. Today, the economy is phối in motion. It is moving in the right direction. We have all the recipes for success. One hopes the new government will prioritize its growth agenda và balance the compulsions of a political economy well.

The author is Rituparna Chakraborty, EVP và Co-Founder, Team
Lease Services. The views expressed are the author’s own.

In an exclusive conversation with BW dinnerbylany.com, Purnima Padmanabhan (Senior Vice President & General Manager, Modern Apps và Management Business Group, VMware) speaks about AI"s relevance at VMware, developer jobs & interest coming in from customers for AI-backed solutions


In the current economic scenario, the kích thước of the tech giao dịch are shrinking & smaller players are getting more consideration for new deals. How is VMware getting by?

We are having very good numbers come up but we have been transitioning the company khổng lồ more of a Saa
S and subscription model. So, rather than saying, I am going to lớn plonk in this big bag of gold, then eat it over trăng tròn years. Instead, in Saa
S and subscription, you are paying by SIP. So, our mã sản phẩm of moving from TCV to ACV or a Cap
Ex to Op
EX mã sản phẩm has been very relevant lớn this transition. In the last three khổng lồ four years, we began this process. But it"s really picked up momentum this year & last year. Hence, there is willingness of customers to vị a subscription model. We have completely flipped the VMware business quite a bit this way.

How big has AI been for VMware?

For the management portfolio, we have invested heavily in AI. Let’s look at VMware Tanzu & Aria. Tanzu helps you build a platform while Aria helps you manage – every little Virtual Machine (VM), container, network, any little point of traffic. We collect billions of data points per second which no human can make any sense out of. So, we have been investing in AI/ML technology to synthesize that data và convert it into information and insights. We have done a lot of pioneering work in both - models và how lớn apply them. 

Even experts say jobs will be lost due to lớn AI innovation. Your comments?

Every time there has been a new technology, there has been a fear of job losses. But more jobs have always been created. The nature of their jobs changed. For example, at one point in time – before mạng internet – you had lớn know all the data. But when internet came, you had to lớn know just how to tìm kiếm for the data và you had khổng lồ know the links for the data. & yet, jobs did not go away. In fact, volume of tìm kiếm skyrocketed. Similarly, when you think about Chat
GPT, it just gives you a response to lớn what you are doing. This is also giving rise lớn a field called ‘prompt engineering’, a job role that requires one lớn train a generative system khổng lồ give you the right output. A human being is still needed khổng lồ think about ‘what is the need’, or ‘what is the requirement’.

Developers will still be needed but the nature of job will change. Và I do not think the jobs will go away. In fact, this is revolutionary và am really excited by the nguồn of this. I believe AI will generate even more jobs.

What is the most exciting part of the AI revolution?

I have always been interested in synthesizing because we live on a mountain of machine cấp độ data, which is so hard to interpret & also human-generated-data, which (again) has been hard to lớn synthesize.

With Chat
GPT và others, we are able khổng lồ understand the nội dung that is there. Being able lớn generate some nội dung is very powerful. & so, the applications for it are just infinite.

Are you seeing an uptick in customers bringing up the topic of AI & AI-backed solutions since December 2022?

Now and then, some people ask. But once you explain how you are using AI and what are you really driving for them, they get extremely interested. With AI by your side, instead of looking at a million points per second, you will get an insight which you can act on in a minute’s time. Earlier, you would have taken 10 hours khổng lồ find something - a needle in a haystack. So, it"s the application of AI that customers are more interested in.

What is the role và responsibility of a company lượt thích VMware in the trajectory AI takes in future?

It is a huge responsibility. There are two parts to this. One, we need khổng lồ ensure that we are doing responsible AI development because AI can harm also. For example, a lot of AI has gender bias. Hence, we must think of how khổng lồ remove bias from AI. Second, AI needs a huge compute. So, we need khổng lồ answer questions such as ‘How bởi vì I use this development?’, ‘How bởi I use these APIs?’ và more. For example, in a software development environment, if I"m using GPT-4 APIs, I need a template for it. Obviously, I"m not going go & build it all. VMware can accelerate a lot of this development & simplify it.