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Decarbonisation of calcium carbonate in sodium hydroxide solutions under ambient conditions: effect of residence time & mixing rates†

Simoni, *a Theodore
Hanein, *a Chun Long
Woo,a Mark
Tyrer, b Magnus
Nyberg,c Juan-Carlos
Martinez,c Nestor I.Quintero-Mora,d John L.Provis aand Hajime

* Corresponding authors

a Department of Materials Science và Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK E-mail: t.hanein

b Collegium Basilea, Institute of Advanced Study, Hochstrasse 51, 4053 Basel, Switzerland

c CEMEX Asia Research AG, Römerstrasse 13, 2555 Brügg, Switzerland

d CEMEX Operaciones Mexico, Constitution 444 pte. Monterrey, Mexico

The decarbonisation of Ca
CO3 is essential for the production of lime (Ca(OH)2 và Ca

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O), which is a commodity required in several large industries và the main precursor for cement production. Ca
CO3 is usually decarbonised at high temperatures, generating gaseous CO2 which will require post-process capture to minimise its release into the environment. We have developed a new process that can decarbonise Ca
CO3 under ambient conditions, while sequestering the CO2 as Na2CO3·H2O or Na2CO3 in the same stage. Here, the effects of increasing stirring rates & residence times on reaction efficiency of the key reaction occurring between Ca
CO3 và Na
OH solution are studied. It is shown that the reaction is enhanced at lower stirring rates and longer residence times up khổng lồ 300 seconds of tương tác between the reactants. The mass balance performed for Ca & CO2 revealed that up to lớn the 95% of the process CO2 embodied in Ca
CO3 was sequestered, with maximum capture rate assessed at nn moles CO2 captured per second of reaction progress. A deeper insight into the precipitation of Na2CO3·H2O or Na2CO3 under different reaction conditions was gained, and SEM-EDX analysis enabled the observation of the reaction front by detection of na migrating towards inner regions of partially-reacted limestone chalk particles.

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